Welcome to the first BioNET-INTERNATIONAL Monthly Bulletin - a forum for exchange of information between TECSEC and the LOOPs about events happening in and around the Global Network, within your LOOPs and more widely within the realms of taxonomy which may be of interest to the Global Network community. As already mentioned we intend to issue this bulletin on a monthly basis, but to do that will depend on you - we need feedback to know what exactly you want to find here and we need you to tell us what is happening in your own particular sub-regions. Please distribute this news-brief as widely as possible within your LOOPs and to any other interested persons.

Yours in Networking, Nick



Calendar of Events

31 July ñ 4 August - Nick King attended the Ethiopian National Workshop at Addis Ababa. Organised by the Ethiopian NACI - Dr Fassil Kebebew, Institute of Biodiversity and Conservation, Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organisation.

7 ñ 11 August - Nick King participated at the 15th Annual Meeting of the International Advisory Committee of the Environmental Information Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Organised by UNEP and held in Nairobi. Nick also met with and discussed possible GEF funding options with UNEP.

16 August - Nick King travelled to Brussels for a meeting with Dr Luis Ritto, Head of Division, Caribbean Region, Development Cooperation with Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific of the European Commission.

20-26 August - Nick King attending and presenting a paper on the Global Network at the 21st International Congress of Entomology at Iguassu, Brazil. Informal meetings to be held with many LOOP members.

31 August - Meeting of the BioNET-INTERNATIONAL Group on Computer-Aided Taxonomy (BIGCAT) to be held at the Herbarium, Kew Gardens.

31 August ñ 1 September - Tecwyn Jones visiting TECSEC for consultations with Nick King.

4-12 September - Nick King to visit European donor agencies, including GTZ, NORAD, DANCED, DANIDA, FINNIDA, SIDA, SAREC, IFS. If you have contact names at any of these donor agencies and you would like Nick to approach them on your behalf, please let him know as soon as possible.

14-15 September - Nick King attending the EAFRINET Interim LCC Meeting in Nairobi. [See also under EAFRINET News.]

17-22 September - Nick King attending the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) meeting, Cape Town, South Africa.

23-27 October - Nick King participating at International Centers Week, Washington, USA.

1-3 November - Nick King attending Kuching Biodiversity Conference, Sarawak, Malaysia.

7-8 November - Nick King attending the ASEANET LCC meeting, Bogor, Indonesia.


Training Workshop

Workshop on "Insect Collection, Curation and Management" for Trinidad and Tobago participants planned for August will now be held 1-8 November in Trinidad. The Workshop is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture (Trinidad and Tobago) and the Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for Caribbean Action (FAVACA).

Database Project

Training in the development/management of the CARINET database has begun.


"Identification of Scale Insects of the Caribbean and their Natural Enemies". In the planning stage. Support from FAVACA and hopefully the Commonwealth Science Council.



The Coordinator attended a meeting of the Natural Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) task force of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) of Trinidad and Tobago. CARINET has been recommended to implement some provisions of the plan. EMA will seek funds for same from the GEF.


The Coordinator met with Mr. Ben Fleming, International Programs Coordinator of FAVACA. Ben has promised to support CARINET by way of funding of experts to provide training for CARINET scientists. Ben has also indicated that his organization will provide some assistance for an attachment to Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA) for a Caribbean curator.

Annual Technical Meeting (ATM) of CIPMNET and CARINET:

PROCICARIBE will be hosting the ATM of CIPMNET and CARINET in St. Vincent on 17-18th August, 2000. CARINET representatives will include ñ Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St. Vincent, Dominica and the NECI Coordinator. Participation of the CARINET representatives is being supported by CTA.


The Spanish version of the booklet on the "Identification of Mealybugs of Importance in the Caribbean Region" will be available in print by the end of August.

1998-1999 CARINET Annual Report should be completed by September.


Ms. Omaira Avila Rostant, a Venezuelan postgraduate in Biotechnology has replaced Ms Lydia Force as the CARINET Secretary.


NECI Coordinator

Connal Eardley, NECI Coordinator, began a four-month secondment to FAO HQ in Rome in July. He will be working closely with Dr Tony Putter and the ECOPORT team, as well as undertaking research on insect pollinators of crop plants. Connal will continue to serve as the SAFRINET NECI Coordinator during his stay in Rome and any correspondence should be sent to his temporary e-mail address at FAO: connal.eardley@fao.org.


New Staff

Dr Dick Vernon has been appointed as the new Plant Protection Information Officer at SPC in Fiji. Dick will serve as the chief Coordinator for information dissemination for PACINET. E-mail: RichardV@spc.int


Interim LCC meeting ñ advance notice.

Dates have been set for an interim LCC meeting to be held in Nairobi on 14-15 September. Items to be covered will include:-

National Workshops

National Workshops are being held in each of the 6 EAFRINET countries during August. Representatives of National Institutes will present details of their Institution's taxonomic strengths and weaknesses with the aim of producing a National Strategy and Action Plan for each country. The outputs from these workshops will be presented at the Interim LCC meeting in September.

Dates for Workshops:-

Eritrea - to be confirmed

Ethiopia - 31 July - 4 August

Kenya - 28-29 August

Uganda - 11-12 August

Tanzania/Zanzibar - to be confirmed


Mr Khamis Abdalla Ali, Curator of the Insect Collection in the National Museums of Zanzibar, begins a 4-month Fellowship on 7 August. He will be studying insect systematics with Drs Gerhard Prinsloo and Ros Urban at the Plant Protection Research Institute in Pretoria. This opens a new chapter in BioNET Fellowships being taken between LOOPs.


No news to report from Benin.



The first ASEANET Fellow arrived in UK on 8th August to commence an 8-week Fellowship studying the taxonomy of parasitic Hymenoptera with Drs John LaSalle and Andrew Polaszek at the Natural History Museum, London. Mr Kosol Charernsom comes from Kasetsart University in Bangkok where he is a lecturer in entomology.


Dr José (Pepe) Clavijo attending the 21st International Congress of Entomology at Iguassu, Brazil where he will present a paper on Venezuelan Spilomelini (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) moths. He will also use the opportunity to consult with Nick King and entomologists from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia regarding establishment of ANDINONET.


Dr J Alfred attended a SACEP meeting in Bangladesh from 5 August on Biodiversity in South Asia. He will use the opportunity to approach the Director of SACEP in order to pursue the creation of SACNET.



Dr Hamdalleh Zedan, Executive Secretary at the Secretariat of the CBD, has issued a request to BioNET for data and information relating to COP decision V/4 on forest biological diversity. The deadline for submission of our response is 30 August so if anyone has any comments they wish to submit please e-mail them to TECSEC as soon as possible. For more information on this please contact TECSEC.

E-Mail Changes at TECSEC

Please note that e-mail addresses at TECSEC have now changed:-






Please canvass your NACIs and send information for inclusion in next monthís bulletin before 1st September. Details should be sent to Simon Gallagher, at:-


Bakeham Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9TY

E-mail: bionet@bionet-intl.org

Final Word

Let us know whether you found this first bulletin useful, informative and relevant. If you like it please tell us, if you donít then donít keep it a secret, tell us how we can improve it and what you want to see included here.